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Below is the members link to the daily online meditations and to the webinars.

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  1. Daily accessible guided meditations from 8.30 p.m.- 9.00 p.m. (Amsterdam Time Zone – Greenwich Time +1) by experienced international meditation teachers with healthcare experience.
  2. Meditations are concluded with a practical translation to your daily professional practice. The meditations are offered in Dutch (5x p / wk) and in English (2x p / wk)
  3. 1x per month we offer a Q&A session immediately following the meditation: from 20:30-21:00
  4. Every 2 months free access to an online webinar offered by an expert in the field of mindfulness & compassion in health & care
  5. 5% discount on offers that fall under Special Compassion Offers
  6. Mindful newsletter 1x per quarter

Scheme week 16

Monday19 April 2021Wendy Kersemaekers
Tuesday20 April 2021Astrid van Wesenbeeck
Wednesday21 April 2021Barbara Doeleman-van Veldhoven
Thursday22 April 2021Megan Reitz
Friday23 April 2021Kees Kennedy
Saturday24 April 2021Marleen ter Avest
Sunday25 April 2021Padraic Dunne

Webinars until March 2021:

Webinars are free for members. For non-members tickets will be available a week before the event.


Sunday May 30: Caroline Hoffman & Barbara Doeleman-van Veldhoven on selfcompassion

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