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For more calm, focus and inspiration in the midst of everything

For You

Do you work in Health and Care and do you want to inner calm, focus and compassion to cultivate more resilience and harmony in the midst of everything?

Would you like to bring more consistency to your meditation practice and could you use some support with a daily offering?

Do you want to feel connected to professionals in Health and Care for whom attention and compassion are important elements in their work?

Do you want to be inspired and guided by recognized international teachers in the area of mindfulness & compassion in Health and Care?

Do you need moments of stillness, contemplation and a mindfulness practice?

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1.Daily live guided online meditation (mindfulness, compassion and self-compassion) from 8.30 – 9.00 p.m. (Amsterdam time – Greenwich Time +1)

Every day that suits you, you can meditate with likeminded professionals in Health and Care. You will strengthen your meditation practice. The meditations will be guided in English on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other days the guiding will be in Dutch. We are hoping to expand our English-speaking sessions, and are joining forces with colleagues across the British Isles to do this.

7.30-8.00 p.m. London Time
2.30 – 3.00 p.m. Boston Time
11.30-12.00 a.m. San Francisco Time

2. Tips about the application in your daily work and life

In our opening and closing remarks, we consider how the particular meditation of that evening, can help integrate mindfulness and compassion in your professional practice and life in general.

3. Variation and Consistency

You will get the opportunity to meditate daily with experienced (inter)national meditation teachers. The focus of all meditations lies in developing inner balance, resilience, kindness and care. The meditations are born from contemplative traditions and are scientifically endorsed.

4. An online webinar every 2 months

Every 2 months you will get free access to our hour-long lectures by (inter) national experts  about the latest scientific insights in and the application of meditation, mindfulness and compassion in Health and Care.  

We will alternate holding these webinars i Dutch and in English. We recognize that our members will be joining in from around the world in different time zones so the webinars will be recorded, and the recording will be available to everyone to watch at a later moment. Non-members can join these webinars for €12,50/$15. 

5. A monthly Q&A with 2 of our meditation teachers

Every first Monday or Wednesday of the month, we will organize a half-an-hour Q&A with 2 meditation teachers for questions that came up during the meditations. The Q&A will follow immediately after the meditation at 21:00 PM so you can share experiences and as questions about the practice. Once every quarter, there will be a Q&A in English on the second Thursday of the Month (December, March, June, September).

6. A 5% discount on all our specials on compassion

Every quarter, we will offer part of our training and coaching offer as ‘Compassion Special’. For this offer, you will receive a 5% discount during that period.

7. Mindful Newsletter: 

We send out a newsletter with either important special offers or new insights on mindfulness and compassion in Health and Care.

Join us!

Our wish to reach as many professionals in Health and Care as possible, prompted us to decide to let you choose what you can and want to contribute as a member. If you decide to choose the Supporter membership, you make it possible for students and people with limited funds to participate. If you lack the financial resources, you’re still more than welcome to join by sending us an e-mail: and we’ll make it happen.*

*All amounts are exempt from VAT.

Prefer to try it out first? You can sign-up for a few-days trial period. Send an e-mail to ref. ‘ICC’ and we will send you a login code to access the meditations for free for one week.

For organizations in Health and Care, that want to support the balance and resilience of their staff, we custom design. Please contact us here:


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