Are you in need for some inner peace?

✓ Do you work in healthcare and feel that its important to keep your life in balance?

✓ Will you allow yourself more inner peace, focus, and kindness?

✓ Would you like to be inspired by experienced and renowned meditation teachers who also work in healthcare as professionals, researchers or management?

✓ Do you desire more quiet moments of mindfulness, reflection, and contemplation?

✓ Would you like to receive tips on how to train and integrate focus and compassion your daily life and professional activities?

✓ Are you somebody who would like to connect with other healthcare professionals who share these values?

Then the International Compassion Community is right for you!

International Compassion Community for People working in Health and Social care

Our community is a gathering place for healthcare workers just like you. A virtual space where you can recharge and let yourself be guided and inspired by over 35 international teachers. We cultivate a quiet meeting place, interaction is optional – only if it is right for you. Here you can take a moment for yourself away from all the hectic day to day responsibilities.

Do you desire to cultivate your calm, focus, and compassion in order to be more resilient and improve your life balance? Or rather, are you in need of support and motivation to meditate regularly? Join us and see for yourself what the community can mean for you.

What does the compassion community offer you?

The following 7 elements come together to make the Compassion Community unique:


Live guided meditations

Join us every Sunday to Friday from 7.45-8.15 PM (London Time) online for live meditations, together with other healthcare professionals. We support you in your personal meditative practice and this will strengthen your focus, balance and kindness. Three times a week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday) the meditations will be led in English and four times a week (Monday, Wednesday (morning and evening) and Friday) the sessions are led in Dutch.

20.45 - 21.15 A'dam Time

2.45 - 3.15 PM Boston & New York Time

11.45 - 12.15 AM San Francisco Time

4.45-5.15 AM Melbourne Time



Online live meditations
dagelijkse medische beroepspraktijk


Translation to daily life and work

During the opening and closing reflections you will receive short suggestions for integrating what we have practiced in your daily work and daily life.



Experienced International Meditation Teachers

Every day is a new opportunity to be guided by a very experienced meditation teacher. Our teachers come from quite diverse backgrounds and the community is inclusive for all those who work in healthcare. The meditations are inspired by the traditional teachings and methods and is supported by modern insights from research.




Webinars About Mindfulness and Compassion

Every two months you are invited to attend an hour long session for free. Our internationally renowned expert will discuss the applications and recent discoveries about meditation, mindfulness, and compassion in the healthcare sector. 

Some of our speakers who have rallied behind our mission are: Professor Michael West (The King's Fund), Professor Megan Reitz (Ashridge Business  School), Robert Cusick (CCARE  Stanford), Dr. Marleen ter Avest, Erik van de Brink (Psychiatrist and Author), Irène Bakker (Zen Master), and many more. . . 

These webinars will alternate between Dutch and English per month. They will also be recorded so you can watch or re-watch them at a later moment. The costs of these webinars for non members is €10,-.


Q&A with the Meditation Teacher

Every month we organize a 20-minute Q&A. This session directly follows a meditation so that you can share and ask questions about your experience. These sessions will similarly alternate between Dutch and English.




Insights and Inspiration in Your Inbox

You will receive the BFC e-newsletter with special offers, news and insights surrounding the topics of mindfulness and compassion in healthcare.



Pre-Recorded Meditations

As member you will gain access to our extensive database of pre-recorded meditations from our own teachers. In this way you can choose to re-live interesting sessions or even meditate on your own schedule if you happen to miss our evening meditation.


Be aware: If you’ve already created an account for membership or for attending a BFC webinar please log into that account first. This will prevent conflicting email addresses and save you the trouble of having to re register. If you don’t have an account then you may skip this step.

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    Would you like to meditate?

    Through meditation you get to know yourself better so you can relate more skillfully and compassionately to yourself and therefor to the world and people around you.