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BFC Compassionate Care & Mindful Medicine

For Health Care Executives, Teams and Professionals

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BFC Compassionate Care & Mindful Medicine (BFC CCMM) is an organisation that finds its origin in BFC Mindfulness & Compassion, an organisation that, for quite some time now, has been a reliable partner in The Netherlands for integrating mindfulness and compassion in health care organisations. BFC stands for Be Free and Connected.

BFC CCMM’s mission for Health Care organizations, is to build organisational resilience and have human potential thrive through mindfulness and compassion.

To achieve this mission, we advise and guide leaders, teams and professionals in creating compassionate health care originations…

… who offer high quality care 

… where people work with joy and are healthy, resilient and full of life

… where people are heard and seen and are treated with compassion 

We offer guidance and advice based on scientific evidence, contemplative traditions and a broad knowledge and experience of medical practices and training and interventions that are all imbedded in mindfulness and compassion. All our trainings are accredited for medical educators.

Our work is supported by (amongst others) the Dutch Academie Medisch SpecialistenFederatie Medisch SpecialistenAmsterdam UMC Medische Opleidingde Jonge SpecialistNetwerk Chronische Pijn and The King’s Fund.

BFC stands for Be Free and Connected. We wish that for everyone.

About Us

With our mission to empower organisational resilience and allow human resources to flourish through mindfulness and compassion in all European healthcare organizations, we have come up with innovative, evidence-based mindfulness and compassionate organisational and personal leadership programs.

We offer evidence-based programs that strengthen genuine connection, innovation and leadership. All our work is embedded in mindfulness and compassion.

We Practice what We Preach

Our team is diverse in age, background and culture and we are connected in our mission.