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A few tips before you join us in meditation:


  • Regular meditation practice strengthens: focus, self-awareness and mental-emotional balance. It also augments qualities of mildness and compassion for self and others. The scientific evidence for this is now robust. These results can already be observed when meditating 2-3 times/week. However, when beginning your practice try not to set the bar too high and see what is feasible for you and your schedule.

  • Our team of teachers of the International Compassion Community is very diverse. They differ greatly in terms of background in contemplative traditions and meditation practice and styles. Some guided meditations are mindfulness or compassion meditations, other meditations come more from the Buddhist or advaita vedanta tradition. We advise you to explore various teachers to see which forms are accessible and helpful to you. So don’t give up after one time, but give yourself the space to find meditation styles and teachers who inspire you.

  • Lastly, meditation does not always have to feel good to be good for you. When we step back and reflect on all experiences as they are, we naturally encounter life in all its forms; discomfort and unrest included: physical, emotional or mental. This is very common and says nothing about the quality of your meditation. What you are practicing is to also be at ease with agitation and discomfort and not immediately turn away from it. This contributes to your resilience and inner balance and developing your personal style comfortably

If you have questions about the practice, please email us: or attend to one of our monthly Q&A sessions.


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Monday 25 September 2023 Pauline van der Lee
Tuesday 26 September 2023 Barbara Doeleman-van Veldhoven
Wednesday 27 September 2023 Carien Olbers
Thursday 28 September 2023 Steven Cornelissen (English)
Friday 29 September 2023 Peggy van den Hoogen
Saturday 30 September 2023 No meditation
Sunday 1 Oktober 2023 Marleen ter Avest (English)

For members only: THE VIDEO OF THE WEBINAR with Caroline HOffman on Mindfulness & selfcompassion in Living with Cancer