Compassion is at the core of human and high quality care

Qualities of compassion can be trained and promote wellness of medical professionals and enhances clinical care.

This pilot study shows compassion training could be an attractive, efficient option to address burnout by simultaneously promoting student wellness and enhanced patient interactions. The brief compassion training was well received by medical students and could help academic medical centers address competing challenges of supporting student wellness and patient care.

The mindfulness inventory showed significant improvements in observing (t = 3.62, p = 0.005) and accepting without judgment skills (t = 2.87, p = 0.017) for some elective cohorts. Qualitative data indicated that students across all cohorts found the elective rewarding, and they used mindfulness, meditation, and compassion skills broadly outside the course. Students described how the training helped them address major stressors associated with personal, academic, and clinical responsibilities. Students also reported that the skills strengthened interpersonal interactions, including with patients.


You can read the entire article here: Artikel65_Compassion cultivation training promotes medical student wellness

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