Enablers—aspects of work that provide positive energy such as meaningful work and psychological safety—explain the most variance in holistic health. Those who find meaning in their work and feel they can raise new ideas or objections with their coworkers are more likely to feel they are in better health across all four dimensions of holistic health: physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

New data from the McKinsey Health Institute ‘s Global Employee Health Survey finds that employees who have positive work experiences report better holistic health (including physical, mental, social, and spiritual health), are more innovative at work, and have improved job performance. The results of this 30-country survey of more than 30,000 employees shows that employers have more power to drive positive health impacts than they know.

These findings share high-impact opportunities for leaders to develop compassionate leadership skills and support the holistic health of their workforces.

Thanks to our teacher Jacqui Brassey, PhD, MA, MAfN (née Schouten) and her colleagues for this outstanding and supportive work!

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