Compassionate leadership supports the three basic needs we have in the workplace:


1. Autonomy: feeling choiceful, self initiated and being whole heartedly behind the things that you are doing.

2. Belonging: feeling cared for and feeling connected to others; enhanced by reciprocal compassion

3. Competence: feeling effective in your environment and feeling that you’re able to master things that are important to you.

When people working in healthcare organizations have a sense of autonomy, when they feel that they belong and that they can master the things they really care for, staff will be happy, innovation will flourish, patiënts are safe and well and the financial resilience of the organisation will be strong.

So compassionate leadership is more than just ‘a good idea’ and it involves not only the formal leaders, but it (…) “enables all to have leadership resonsiblity, rights and accountability, effectively ensuring the skills of all are harnessed in the delivery of high-quality care” (quote prof. Michael West in his Book ‘Compassionate Leadership’).

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Foto: Jolien Posthumus.